PDI purposePVDA and PDI is a member driven organization to advocate for you and provide the services that you need to be successful. Please click here and become a member today.

“Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the consumer advocates, they have a voice – one that is articulate, loud, and clear. This voice will be heard, and it will serve to change the way car deals are done today, unless dealers work together to defend the industry. By watching legislation and regulations, uniting with your dealer associations, and looking to your attorneys to comment on proposed law changes, you too can have a voice.”

From an article in Spot Delivery by Nikki Munro:        *Nicole Frush Munro is a partner in the Maryland office of Hudson Cook, LLP. Nikki can be reached at 410.865.5430 or by email at nmunro@hudco.com.

So… where is your voice being heard? Who is looking out for your interests? Jim Edwards and Kat Messenger have joined forces to form the Professional Dealers Institute (PDI), a membership organization providing education, legislative monitoring and advocacy, and information – up-to-the minute updates for all members on legal and regulatory issues that are vital to your business.

Jim and Kat are available to answer your questions. Call Kat at 704-918-4138 or Jim at 704-654-5400. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it. We now have access, through Tom Hudson’s CounselorLibrary.com databases, to incredible resources on state and federal regulations.

PDI has an insurance and bond program, a forms program, and much more

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. Membership is just $225.00 annually, and with that you get your first year’s subscription to Tom Hudson’s Spot Delivery monthly publication, a $299.00 value!

There is strength in numbers! Join us and help us a build a strong voice advocating for your industry.

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